The adjustments seem to have worked well

I went 2-0-1 at FNM last night with my B/G deck.  Much better then I did at the Atlantic City Qualifier where I just dropped after game three since the adjustments I made there were just making me miserable.  I had put in Cavern of Souls, Lotleth Trolls, and Gravecrawlers. Yeah that didn’t work so well.

But for last night I took out the Cavern of Souls which re-fixed my mana base and the Lotleth Trolls to put in Deathrite Shamans.  Oh my goddess, that guy makes games happen.  While it still is not perfect, it is on a much better track then it was earlier.

So current Decklist is:


  • 3x Deathrite Shaman
  • 3x Gravecrawler
  • 3x Slitherhead
  • 4x Strangleroot Geist
  • 4x Dredge Mangler
  • 2x Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
  • 3x Thragtusk


  • 3x Liliana of the Veil


  • 4x Golgari Charm
  • 3x Ultimate Price
  • 3x Grisly Salvage


  • 3x Rancor


  • 4x Woodland Cemetary
  • 4x Overgrown Tomb
  • 7x Swamp
  • 7x Forest

So this is where I am at now.  It seems to be doing okay.  Trevor seems to think Predator Ooze would be a good thing to try and I want to try the Boneyard Wurm too.  I’m open to suggestions.  I’ve been digging around at other B/G decks or even mono colored decks to get ideas and adaptions.

I was able to win against another B/G aggro deck, a RUG control deck in one game(we went to time since I could tempo him and drew), and then I beat a Selesnya type deck.  It was pretty awesome to be able to just be able to kill most things.  Wound up 5th out of 30 players at an FNM.  I was just a tad bit pleased with myself.  Was able to get a Gitaxian probe.  Which is more for Trev then me, but eh.

To see the old deck list, click here.


2 responses to “The adjustments seem to have worked well

  1. Hopefully you can keep winning. I’ve been doing well with my deck at FNMs, but at big weekend tourneys of 30-40 people I’ve been floundering lately. Playing Aggro definitely helps because almost all cards in your deck are a weapon. But with my token deck, sometimes I top deck for a win, and other times I don’t draw the card I need. I’m switching over to aggro for a while to see how it works. Keep winning!

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