What did they do?

Over my time off I started playing League quite a bit again.  Partially because I didn’t have much to do, partially because I missed it.

I had fiddled around a bit since the updates…re-adjusted my settings so it would stop flashing, re-plugged masteries, ect.

This weekend, was the first time I had gotten to play Nidalee since the rework, though.  I will say that I’m not throughly impressed.  Her arm looks broken, she has no spine, when it cat form she still winds up jumping in all kinds of weird places.  I miss her leaves.  The traps are no longer traps.  They are quite clearly there.  What is the point of trying to lane control with them now?

It isn’t all bad.  Some of the animations are smoother.  Other things look nice.  The new splash isn’t entirely disappointing like Morganna’s was. The recall is neat.  The swipe is nicer.  But still…I’m just so bummed.

I just don’t even know how she throws a spear from the position her arm is in.


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