Vi and why I’m digging her.

So I saved up my IP in League to purchase Vi.  I really enjoyed the idea of such a punky chick who punched things.  That was actually fully clothed, even if some of the clothing was silly and unnecessary.

I was not disappointed.  Her quips are awesome, her movements are great for being a team fight disrupter, and she has enough mobility as a melee champion that I don’t feel trapped time and time again.

I’m still working on how to better use her E skill and mix the AP/AD early on, but I think that may come down to runes and masteries made more specific for her rather than items early game.  Which is highly doable as soon as I sit down and actually, well, do it.

So overall, a good champion.  Nothing that I can really complain about with her.  She is sassy, strong, and actually dressed. I feel comfortable playing her.  At least as a women.  Still getting there as a player.


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