Commons that Should See Standard Play(IMO)

So I think we are all recovering from a weekend of Gatecrash Pre-releasing.  I know that Trevor and I played for nearly 24 hours straight between FNM into Mid-night madness, then back the next day for more events.  We got a whole 3 hours of sleep and only left the store to go get dinner.  One of these days we will make it to a Sunday event…maybe when there aren’t ten million and one things going on with school, work, and family.

Anyway, now that I have sat here and sorted our Commons and Uncommons into WUBRG+Multi/Either colored, I wanted to share a card from each color that I feel should see some standard play.  Or at least would be competitive if you were on a budget to build a deck, but still wanted to do well at FNM or even some Trials.  This is only my opinion, and that probably is not worth much, but I would love to here if these cards are making it into your decks or if you have any ideas to build decks around/with them!

Here we go!


So I had a difficult time choosing between two cards here.  Both Holy Mantle and Angelic Edict I really like in decks.  However, I think I would definitely go with Holy Mantle.

Ain't no rubble gonna stop me!

Ain’t no rubble gonna stop me!

A two white and two colorless for +2/+2 and protection from creatures.  What?  That is ridiculous!  That is a way to to just make problems all over the place.  I see pairing it with a Hexproof creature and then you pretty much have a good array of creatures to make practically indestructible.  Even if you don’t, the ability to give something protection from creatures is just huge!  To me it is like a Rancor on Steroids since yo  u get the addition on the front, back, and in general.  In most cases, people would have to use two burn spells to really get rid of this creature now.


So in my flurry of sorting cards and looking for things to put in decks at nearly midnight, I’ put Holy Mantle which is an uncommon rather than a common.  Which is completely my delirious mistake.  So I’ll talk a bit about Angelic Edict right here!  For one white and four it is a powerful sorcery speed card that just exiles a creature or enchantment.  And as we can see, it looks like enchantments are going to see a lot of play coming up.  It is also a great answer to many creatures that don’t seems to have an exact answer any other way.


Hands down: Spell Rupture.  A blue and one to counter any spell?  They have to pay to let the spell go through?  And they have the pay the amount of a creature who has the biggest attack?  In a format that currently has lots of big fatties or ways to make things big and fatty?  I’m sold.  Even if they pay to get one thing out, they would more than most likely be tapped out for the rest of their turn, or your turn.

Good Day, perhaps not anymore, for I am here to ruin it.

Good Day, perhaps not anymore, for I am here to ruin it.


I’m going to have to go with Undercity Informer.  But I can’t, cause he is an uncommon.  Black is another color that I feel picked up a lot of strong cards this time around where as in RtR it did not gain much unless it was dual or multi-colored.  However, black will be a go to color for multiple things between cipher and, in particular, mill.

So from there a lot of people probably think I would say Balustrade Spy.  Well your wrong.  I’m going to go with Grisly Spectacle.  Two black and two for a spell that destroys a non-artifact creature and then has you mill that creatures power?  I see a lot of good uses for this, and while I personally think the casting cost should be altered, I don’t think it is a complete barrier to use.


If this was not a list just for Commons, this spot would surely go to Skullcrack.  However, the truth is the biggest Common card in red is Madcap Skills.  That way to make creatures bigger?  Right here.  It costs a red and one.  It gives you +3/+0 and enchanted creature can’t be blocked except by two or more creatures.  This is a card where you lay it down and just go ‘What now?’ and hope they aren’t me with Golgari Charm.

He looks crazy, which is great since he has a crazy effect.

He looks crazy, which is great since he has a crazy effect.


Green is another area where it is tough for me.  I normally play lots of green, but the past weekend I did not play it as often as I would normally.  Two cards come to mind: Verdant Haven and

I enjoy it when they get primal warrior women somewhat right in the art :D

I enjoy it when they get primal warrior women somewhat right in the art 😀

Disciple of the Old Ways.  To me they both belong in G/R decks, most likely mid-range.  Verdant Haven is great for mid-game ramp, particularly if you aren’t sure if Farseek is doing its job.  However, at a green and two, I’m not sure if it is really playable in standard.  I suppose this one will depend on how the Meta starts to form.  With Disciple of the Old Ways, I find her completely playable in most cases.  A 2/2 for a green and one with an activated ability seems like it would be an awesome addition for a G/R aggro, when that activated ability is First Strike, it is even better.


I know a lot of people would consider Prophetic Prism the right choice here, and maybe I do…in the right deck.  But I find Skyblinder Staff to be much more useful.  Particularly with how flashing angel’s in is a cool thing(I’m looking at you Restoration Angel).  It costs one to get it on the field

Lens flare!

Lens flare!

and then three to equip.  Perfect against pesky Restoration Angels with its +1/+0 and can’t be blocked by creatures with flying.   Do I think it is a mainboard card necessarily?  No.  But I don’t really think that any of the artifacts are.


To be fair, many of these cards are Uncommon or higher, but in the realms of lowly commons I think Kingpin’s Pet takes it home.  I mean…he is a damn flying pit bull!  At least that is what I see.  I suppose I need to actually talk about the card though.  It is a 2/2 for a black, white, and one with flying.  And it has Extort.  To me this is almost a guaranteed Extort opportunity from turn 3 on.  He is moderately difficult to remove and putting something like the Holy Mantle on him just is amazing!

Hybrid Colors

At least in the decks I tend to use, counters are a big thing.  Counters go on all the things!  Thus, to me, Bioshift is a great card.  I can move any number of +1/+1 counters around?  Do I see Undying creatures just lasting forever?  Why yes I do.  I see me continuously bringing back the likes of Stangleroot Geist and that should have you afraid.  Cause I’ll just keep chump blocking with him and just keep moving those counters somewhere else.  And since I’m already in Blue, may as well Snapcaster the Bioshifts back.  Yes, this seems devious.

The art is really eerie too.

The art is really eerie too.

So that is what I have.  Please leave disagreements, other suggestions, or ideas in the comments.  I enjoy talking with you all about deck tech, really I do.  I plan on doing another commons list like this more focused on guild cards, although it may be Common/Uncommon.

Have fun!


7 responses to “Commons that Should See Standard Play(IMO)

  1. For white, I think Daring Skyjek will see lots of play in Boros decks. I totally agree with Spell Rupture but I think Cloudfin Raptor will see lots of play too. I’m feeling the spectacle and madcap skills, but I think Mug will see some play too. Verdant Growth seems like a winner, but with multicolor I think the Boros creatures like Skyknight and the Wojeks will see a lot of play.

  2. I think Angelic Edict is a little overpriced for a Sorcery. Maybe at Instant, 5CMC, sure, but for a Sorcery? Still, it’s flexible, and like you say sometimes the only choice. And it did save my butt at Pre-Release, so I’ll give it a pass 😉

    Madcap Skills is easily one of THE best commons in Gatecrash. Couldn’t agree more. It’s utter genius. Same with Disciple of the Old Ways.

    One common I’m pretty keen on is Massive Raid. Pop that in a token-spewing Boros deck and you’re laughing all the way to the next round.

    • I figure with Angelic Edict there are enough ramp options for white that it could happen on turn 4 in a lot of decks.

      Massive Raid is really awesome too! But I think Madcap Skills is definitely going to be a mover and shakers.

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