Change of Pace

So last night I went to my LGS’s Monday Night Standard event.  I did not want to play the B/G deck I had been playing for the past few months, so Trevor found me a BUG deck to work with.  Which I had a lot of fun with.

Sadly though, I did not have all the cards I needed right at that point.  The deck calls for two Snapcaster Mages, which I thought we would have on us, but did not.  So at the last second I replaced him with some Invisible Stalkers.  Not at all the same ability wise, but he fell into the right drop spot and was beast once I could start to scavenge some things onto him.

But basically, the deck list was everywhere.  After I get to play it with some Snapcasters and see if they work, I would perhaps like to streamline what the spells are trying to do.  I constantly felt restricted with just 1 Abrupt Decay and 1 Unsummon.  Do I use this on this early threat so I can start to ramp up, or do I wait for a bigger one?

I would also like to find a home for Farseeks.  Get to that turn four base a lot sooner would help.  Or, even Arbor Elves.  Anything that just gives that boost to getting to Duskmantle Seer/Grumpy Cat.

Anyway, you can see the deck list here and I will start posting my changes and adjustments as I go.


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