GP Charlotte

Or as we have been calling it GP Hang Out!

Going to say that I am super stoked to be going to this.  Trevor and I got a hotel room for the weekend, so for the first time ever we won’t be in a constant time crunch to go here there and everywhere.  If I scrub out, I have side events to play in!  And I can win all kinds of things!  This ‘Gold Rush’ thing they are doing seems pretty awesome.

It is sealed, which is probably my worst format, so I don’t expect to do super well.  Although this set plays a little bit more in limited like I’m used to playing, so I’m not sure.  I could do really well.  Time will tell.  Hopefully I can get another beast Simic/Dimir pool and really get things cooking!

I’ll have a tournament report up sometime next week(barring crazy which will probably happen).

Tell me if you are going to be there!


4 responses to “GP Charlotte

  1. It’s not going to be as easy to build a deck as the pre-release was, but just remember to separate your colors and see what you have the most of. Focus on having quite a few creatures, some removal, and a decent mana curve and you should be able to steal a few wins! Good luck to you. I plan on going to GP Yokohama next weekend, which is also sealed. Let us know what cards you thought were strong in sealed!

    • Oh yeah! I’ve done a couple of sealed events since then, or practice rounds with the box we bought.

      I always lay out the colors and then see what kind of curve they give me, along with figuring out which fixings I have. The people I play with are going to do another round tonight probably. Plus practice Friday at the event.

      I’ll keep you updated for sure!

      • Even with all those tips, I still have trouble gauging how strong some cards are in limited. I’ve gotten better, but I’m not sure how I’ll do at the Yokohama Grand Prix next week. I’m hoping I can finish with a winning record!

      • Good luck! We did a practice run through yesterday and I feel a bit better about it. I figure if I scrub out, there are tons of side events there with tons of prizes. StarCity is doing something called a a Gold Rush.

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