Trying to get to that competitive point

So after all the points are calculated, I currently have 293 points for the season.  I’m trying to think if I can do that in two weeks.  I think I can.  I have FNM this week, Monday Night Magic, and then the DC Open.  I just have to do really well at all of them to reach the 400 seasonal needed for a bye.

So on that note, I have decided to switch up decks.  Zameck Persist was neat, but a lot of interactions for me to properly remember all the time.  And occasionally a little bit too much on the luck of the draw side.  I want to play with a low curve deck that uses Duskmantle Seer(aka Grumpy Cat), but I think I need to have it percolate some more.  I loved that i had answers to all the things, but those answers were less then reliable from game to game.

So I have been working with the core of a B/W Zombies deck that seems really neat.  I’ve been making tweaks to fit my play style a bit and adjust mana.  For instance, I feel like in a deck like this, Tragic Slips are a must.  So I’ve been trying to determine what I can take out without shaking the core to drastically so that I can have my Slips and avoid them too.

This weekend an affiliated shop of the LGS I go to normally is having a free Standard Tournament.  I plan on going, even if I don’t win anything, so that I can deck test seriously before DC Open the following week.

Then the week after that I move.  It will be a bummer missing GP Pittsburgh since it is the last one on the East Coast until Providence(which is a big up in the air right now), but I guess I’ll live.  There are always opens, PTQs, and such to go to.  And I hope to see people at them!


6 responses to “Trying to get to that competitive point

  1. Holy cow, it’s 400 now? I could have sworn it was 350 points for a bye last season. I better win some events before 3/17 then. I’m sitting on 320 points after the GP with no other big events coming up. 80 points isn’t totally impossible if I win FNM, my Saturday event, Sunday event, Tuesday Event, next week’s FNM, and next Sunday’s event . . .. yeah . . . . . that’s not gonna happen *sigh*

      • Hopefully tons of people turn up for our events so we can get lots of points. Feeling good about your deck? I’m thinking of making a BG deck after seeing a recent one posted on SCG with Gyre Sage in it . . . need another Wolfir Silverheart though.

      • No…it has lots of interactions I’m not accustomed too…I may go back to B/G, but take it a more Kibler route.

        On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 9:26 AM, Gaming is Life

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