A day behind…

So before Trevor went to Boston for the weekend we were going to deck test a bit each night so I could get used to this new deck before some small local tournaments this weekend.

We thought it would be great since it snowed yesterday and I wouldn’t have to be headed home at all or be tired.  Hell, I got a nap in the middle of the day felt great, and was still able to put in 8 hours.  Why can’t that happen all the time?

Well I had to run out to get a prescription that had come in.  No big deal.  We come home from that and getting a pizza and see how bad the roads were, get upstairs, put stuff down.  I go to switch the lights from the stairs to the living room and all I here is a small pop before it all goes dark.

Computers, internet, lights, everything on that circuit just died.  We check the circuit breaker and nothing is out of place.  Part of our living room still works, but the other part doesn’t.  However, there isn’t enough light to play really.  Plus our normal play area is completely in the dark.

So now I’m unintentionally a day behind.  I can go home and fishbowl a bit tonight, plus FNM tomorrow, but it really makes me not confident about Saturday, where I would really like to do well.

In other news, I will be discussing my blog and some other topics on ‘The Deck Tease’ tonight!  I will give you guys a link when it gets posted.  This is a podcast that I really enjoy and listen to at work when given the chance as well as in the car as I go from point to point.


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