Getting My Grind On

So when I got back from GP Charlotte and the Planeswalker Points started ticking in I noticed how close I was to actually getting a bye for next season.  So last weekend I pretty just played in different events the whole time.  Started with FNM and then played from 11 am Saturday until about 6 pm.  Would have gone back Sunday if I hadn’t needed to pick up Trevor from the airport and go do some stuff for our new place.  Instead I contemplated what I had learned the past two days and came to the conclusion I had been avoiding.

I need to play B/G or some variant there of.  It fits me.  I need much more practice in other combinations, which just says I need much more practice as a player.  Trevor says that B/G fits my love of the cycle of life and death, that it is only a natural combination for someone like me.  Whatever that means.  But I recognize the need to adapt to other colors and the fact that I am exploring them I think says a lot.

But, my B/G deck just wasn’t doing it with the advent of Gatecrash.  Not sure why exactly, but something just stopped clicking.  I think the biggest issue was for a while Burning Tree Emissary just snowballing faster then I could.  And still maybe is.

Either way, last night I switched over to Kibler’s Ooze deck.  I’ve never straight up copied a deck card for card without the intent of swapping things out as I went.  Not gonna lie, either, I had a lot of fun with it.  One game I had three Predator Ooze’s out at once and it was just a slaughter.  The other games were so close and I think it was just a means of me not quite having a grasp of what I had left to draw yet.

However, out of the three decks I have been considering for DC Open this weekend, it is the highest contender.  I’m gonna look at what is popping up and maybe make a few adjustments, but I don’t necessarily think I need that many.  Add the fact that it is general mechanics that I am accustomed too with just some new faces and I think I have a really strong place right now.

Beyond that, last Thursday I was on a podcast titled ‘The Deck Tease’ with some other wonderful women players and judges.  We had great conversation regarding things like writers in magic, particularly what is seen as a lack of women, Cockatrice, and GP Charlotte. You can find the exact episode here.

This is something I really enjoyed doing and really look forward to doing again in some capacity.  Perhaps Trevor and I will sit down and just have one of our banters back and forth.  Or feel free to invite me place!  I like to talk to people like that 😀

Anyway!  Thanks for all your continued readership and hopefully we can all move on to bigger and better things from here!


4 responses to “Getting My Grind On

  1. Hi Renee,

    I would totally have you back on in a heartbeat! Sometimes it’s nice to do just quiet shows with a person and you’re not really interviewing, so much as just bantering. My old co-host and I used to call them “Girl talk” episodes or something to that effect.

    The Kibler Ooze deck is a lot of fun. He’s been pretty good about posting regularly about it or changes that he made to it, so you can follow along with his line of reasoning. It doesn’t seem like the learning curve is too high on it, but it’s also something I can see people underestimating and playing completely wrong, too.

    It was great to “meet” you the other day and please make sure to keep in touch.

    – Erin/O.

    • Fo sho! And you can actually interview me when I actually Top 8 something…somewhere…we will get there.

      And oh yeah, it is tons of fun without sacrificing competitiveness. I just rarely ever take a deck from someone else to use. Although I may do it with Legacy this weekend too.

  2. I tried a different BG deck today and it absolutely owned RUG flash and WOULD have beaten Turbo fog today. T1 Experiment Ones, T2 Strangleroots, T3 Dreg Manglers . . . very nasty deck and only 20 lands. I’ll post something about it on my blog this week, and I’d like to see how it compares to yours. Post a list once you’ve tweaked it!

    • I don’t know how much tweaking is going to get done between now and Saturday to the Kibler deck besides the sideboard, but I will happily make another post about some tweaks I have down the pipe for my home brew once this seasons last stretch is done 😀

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