A total disaster

Yesterday I went to the Star City Open in Washington, D.C.  This was an ideal location for me since it is like a 20 minute drive to the Metro and then a pretty relaxing ride into the city and there is a stop right at the convention center that the tournament is at.  Also, I love going to Opens.  They are small and intimate, somewhere that I can meet up with friends, actually talk to the artists, and watch other matches.  I also tend to do relatively well there.

This time around, the doing well was missing.  My normal Golgari Graveyard deck was not doing well in the format and my testing of other decks was providing less then desirable results as well, as I’ve been talking about.  I decided to go with Brian Kibler’s Predator Ooze deck and modified it a bit over the course of the week.  Such as putting in Grafdigger’s Cage in the sideboard and taking out the Lotleth Trolls and putting in Vampire Nighthawks.

I’m going to say that these were good moves on my part, but I’m also going to say that the deck still needs a lot more work.  22 lands is not quite getting there consistently.  Wolfir Avenger is having issues finding his place in the deck. He is great for the surprise block, but I never have the mana online to regen him as well.  When Predator Ooze gets out it is fantastic, when he doesn’t, well, there are issues. There is no way to stabilize if I fall behind.  Abrupt Decay is either the entire answer, or just needs to be removed entirely, and for that reason I am happy I put Appetite for Brains in the board.

There was a lot of B/G down in the X-4 of varying kinds.  We all were quite miserable together, but laughed in our hasty zombie goodness.

I ultimately when 3-5 in the tournament before dropping.  While it was my worst performance in a standard event such as this, I had a lot of fun against most of my opponents.  There is always the one you go against though.  They guy who is a mess, plays messy, can’t keep himself organized, doesn’t quite keep things clear and turns the game into work rather than a game.  These games bother me.  They get to me a lot deeper then they should and it is something that I should probably work on.

I did not get my bye for next season, but I got an idea of how much more work I need to do.  I’m going to start practicing Modern and Legacy with some friends who have decks to lend me.  I in no way have the money to own such decks right now, but if they trust me enough to let me borrow them, then I will trust them enough to teach me well!  There are also more events starting up in my area with two stores firing things off nightly, so I have some options if I can’t make an FNM due to work or whatnot.

Outside of playing, I had a lot of fun.  I hung out with the wonderful Cynthia Sheppard a bunch and caught up.  For living so close I don’t nearly get to see her enough.  So a bunch of friends from all over and talked to people who I had sat with at GP Charlotte, Escapist Expo, and other such events.  I also got to meet Lindsey Burley of Hurley-Burley Alters and get some information regarding the article I’m writing.  And I think that is why, while I’m upset with my performance, I’m not upset with the weekend.

That is all I really have to say.  Giving you a blow by blow of loss after loss seems kinda pointless.  I will tell you that I now have a twitter account mostly dedicated to Magic: The Gathering at mtgreiunicorn and I’m always up for talking 😀


6 responses to “A total disaster

    • I did, but those are YOUR Zombie’s to mention. Speaking of, they are safely in my bag awaiting the next time I see you. Not sure when your leaving for Pittsburgh.

  1. Here’s the thing about the deck – you really can’t afford to run anything, other than Predator Ooze that involves more than one color. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Nighthawk and Lord knows it does what it does well.

    While the deck is an Ooze deck and is called that, you shouldn’t NEED the Ooze to win. If you draw a hand with no Ooze, but that has the potential for a T2 Lotleth that you can throw some cards at and make bigger, you do that. Wolfir Avenger is something that tends to shine better in Control matchups, when you know the other side is tapped out and can’t stop it. But it has some place in Aggro, too.

    You also don’t want to get too wrapped up on on the regen costs. If you have something that you can do right away to change the game, you do it. It’s nice to know you have the choice to regen, but it shouldn’t be the thing that drives you or that you hide behind, in lieu of doing other things.

    I think you just need a bit more practice with the deck. It’s tricky to know when to play defensive or offensive, but it’s a lot of fun when you do. Keep your head up!

      • I think Troll becomes a lot more enjoyable when you realize how versatile it is. The discard ability makes a neat combat trick, especially if you know someone is sitting on Pillar of Flame. Discard. Discard. Oh, your spell fizzles? Too bad!

        Again, it’s one of those cards where it’s tempting to blow everything on it, but sometimes it’s better to hang back and see if you even need to.

      • Yeah. And I’ve done that once or twice, but I’m just really bad at it. I was also having this constant problem of having either all green mana and not being able to play him, or just him, the Abrupt Decay and land and just being stuck. I see where he is good…but he aggravates me to no end.

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