Team Enchantment

So, You Make the Card for Magic: The Gathering has gone off into Run Off mode.  Last week there was a poll opened up with all the card types besides Planeswalker.  When they said something this morning, basically Instant/Sorcery and Artifact were gone.  Creature tried to vie for a spot, but didn’t quite get there.  Apparently it was not a 6/6.  But it was third, so maybe it was a 4/4 equipped with Rancor or something who knows.  Which just goes to show how awesome Enchantments are.

So we currently have the option of either a Land or an Enchantment to chose from. Land had 26.56% and Enchantment had 26.53%.  This is way within a margin of error of misclicks, or time outs and other stuff, so I fell the run off is more than fair!  Plus more than fun!

I am in the Enchantment camp.  I find envisioning a Land card very difficult unless we know what set it is going to come out in, what the story and background of that set is, what kind of flavor is around.  Non-basic Lands I feel need to fit the set they are coming out in.  If it comes out in a Core Set, well, then I feel like you get this kinda non-descriptive Land that tried to be good at everything and thus doesn’t particularly excel at anything.

I find Enchantments to be much more flexible.  The flavor can be conveyed through multiple means and can fit into a bunch of places quite easily.  The mechanics of Enchantments allow the players who are voting on this to really think about what they want to see a creature do and make it happen.  Or even how they would like to see a game state morph from one turn to the next and come up with a real challenge to the current constructs of how to play.  These ideas are really exciting to be as a player.

Enchantments are some of my favorite cards in the game.  I love cards like Curse of the Bloody Tome, Pursuit of Flight, Rancor, and Stab Wound to name recent ones.  They tend to just stack on to of one another, building formidable creatures.  Gift of Orzhova on an evolving Adaptive Snapjaw in draft because you got BUG?  Yes please!

Now you are giving us the opportunity to make this crazy thing happen?  At a time when Enchantment Removal is not run often? And I can do all the things with it potentially? Yes, this makes me very happy.

Really, though, overall an Enchantment is going to be much more fun to design then a land.  We are going to get some crazy things going and they are going to evolve and spread and continue to turn into other things.  A Land, well, is just gonna hand out until the next From the Vault: Realms.  Really.

So go vote for Enchantments HERE.  Now.  Just got do it now and thank me later.

Writing this made me realize that maybe it is time I go try my hand a Bant-chantments…hmmm…

P.S.-Wrote this on my lunch break at work.  It is a quick opinion piece. Maybe I’ll do one more in depth once this weeks homework is done.


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