Bant Mid-Range, A surprising amount of fun

So come to find out that the land base for Naya Blitz is also the land base that Trevor is currently using.  Whoops!  Normally we have double set of things, but Sacred Foundry is not one of them.  And I don’t have the money to just buy 5 lands (he only has three and if we were to buy a play set we may as well have 2 completes).

So the hunt for a deck continued.  We looked at BUG and Esper and neither was really sitting well with me.  So I went to Bant.  Looked at a few different things that were around between control and and mid-range and was starting to like the mid-range thing.  I’ve said previously that I find Bant Control incredibly boring to play against and I don’t think I would find it much more fun to play, but the creatures in Bant Mid-Range were interactive, tactical, and fun.  Plus, I had nearly everything for it.

All I had to do was pick up a Sphinx’s Revelation, a Thragtusk, and a Zegana.  no small amount, but still a lot less then a play set of Shocks.  Plus with my LGS discount, it was great!

So we then try to trek down to Virginia Beach to make FNM down there with Trev’s sister. That didn’t happen.  There was traffic, and forgetting of things, and me having to jump out and do my firefighter thing.  Yeah.  I don’t know how to stop.

So there was no FNM.  We found out that there was a standard tournament the next day, but it would be during Family Shenanigans. After that stuff though, we did go over and do some play testing.  Nothing to serious, but it gave me a good few runs to get used to the idea of the deck and the how things worked together.

First few games were against the Sister-In-Law and her UB Mill Deck.  Not only in these matches did I really get to work on things and mechanics, but we also worked through some issues she was having.  It was a good fuzzy feeling to have.  Someone else from the store took over her deck as they had been helping her tweek it.  Each match resulted in a different play plan from me which was awesome to see how many directions it went in while the change in players against the same deck was awesome!

The second deck I played against was a very simple and budget WG Humans.  It was much faster than my deck, but it tended to run out of steam.  As long as I was hitting the turn three Smiter and had some Farseeks or Azorius Charms around, I seemed to be okay, but I am worried about the match up when it comes to a more Tier 1 type deck.  Which really, will be the purpose of testing tonight.

Bant is something I though I would never touch.  I’m not a big white or blue player, but when you through in the green like this it seems to keep my interest.  I didn’t feel as though Bant Mid-range was on the same auto-play that Bant Control tends to be, and that I had enough things to both react and keep the pressure on, something that control tends to worry me with.

Looking at the tweeks to the deck that have happened over the past weekend, I really like the addition of the one Think Twice.  The sideboard molding is what I’m going to have to continuously watch though.  Rest in Piece is the card I’m running, but I’m sincerely thinking about Tormod’s Crypt or Ground Seals instead.  I don’t want something that will mess up my graveyard too, particularly with Think Twice if it does get added.

Not to mention the meta three weeks form now is likely to be vastly different from the one we saw this past weekend or even next weekend.  I could decide that this deck is going to get weaker as the meta shifts and moves. I may decide to shift into the more creature heavy Prime Speaker Bant list.  I might just find my Sacred Foundaries that I need.

I’ll get a report up with deck list if I go to standard tonight!  Please don’t forget to follow me on twitter @mtgreiunicorn!


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