Pre-release and why I was kinda sad.

I of course picked Golgari for the one event I got to go to.  I was super excited at first because I figured between the Golgari pack and my allied guild pack (Dimir) I would have some options and then with 4 Dragon’s Maze packs I would get some decent options.

I didn’t.  I didn’t get anything it felt like. Some soft removal in the way of enchantments, but nothing really good.  My pool basically did just consist of the Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica packs, I think I used maybe 5 cards not including lands, from Dragon’s Maze.  The rest of it was not in my colors nor did I have the fixing for it.  It did not result in a fun time.

Afterwards I was talking with Trevor and I think overall I just wished that along with the two guild packs from the two earlier sets, there had been a pack of Dragon’s Maze dedicated to the two guilds.  Somehow split the cards and give us an ‘Alliance’ pack so to speak.  Something that actually gave us cards from the set in the colors we wanted to play so we could see them.  I don’t care how the mishmash of cards happen in that pack, but to have something like that would have been helpful.

But, enough of about me. How was your pre-release? What guilds did you play? Any stand out cards you stumbled into? Reply here or on twitter: @mtgreiunicorn


7 responses to “Pre-release and why I was kinda sad.

  1. I chose Selesnya and got Boros as the allied guild. First ever DCI event for me and got 7th mostly due to great pulls including Temple Garden, Tajic, Advent of the Wurm, Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage, Loxodon Smiter, and late game winner (won 2 games with this card alone) Ready/Willing. I was able to sneak it in due to an Orzhov Guildgate that i was able to search for using Gatecreeper Vine. I think these pulls in the hands of someone better would probably have won…

    • It is quite possible. It takes a lot of practice to really get through the cards a figure out how to best mash them together. Then the decision trees and everything else that have to happen here are radically different then say constructed or Modern.

      I’m much better when I have a deck that I build and work with and know the predictable paths, or drafts where I can choose the cards as opposed to sealed where I’m just given cards and told to go…I find it overwhelming and too much of a game of chance.

  2. Having played in 3 pre-release events, I can feel your pain as well as tell you it’s not as bad as you think. In my Friday release I got a Golgari/Simic deck and proceeded to beat my opponent’s head in with a Deadbridge Chant/Jarad combo as well as a Vorel of the Hull Clade. I went 2-0-1, but the packs seemed stacked. One of my opponents chose Selesnya and got a Trostani, and for his Simic ally he got a Zegana. WTF right?!?! (ended up tying him). On Saturday I chose Gruul but got screwed with Izzet, probably the worst of the guilds for pre-release. Like you said, I got hardly any removal and crappy creatures, but managed to go 3-2 thanks to somebody giving me a win and splashing in a 4th color and some Cluestones after round 3. Sunday I got absolutely bonkers cards for limited: Collective Blessing and Gruul War Chant in a Selesnya/Gruul deck. Basically big tokens with no way to block them (placed 5th out of 36). Once they switch the sealed format to 2 GTC, 2 RTR, 2 DGM for future events, it should be better to build with I think.

    • Oh yeah! I saw people with awesome pools for sure! But it just really sucked that at a pre-release it really depended on four random packs to make something work. I had great mana for BUG, just awful card, but not any mana for much else so it was really difficult. With the other pre-releases there was often still enough that you could salvage other colors rather than kinda being dedicated to a certain color.

  3. I played in two events made top 8 on the first and almost made it into top 8 again, but just came up short. My pool was decent. I do have to agree with Japan that Izzet really sucked though they did have some cool cards like the new planeswalker and dragonshift. My first pair was orzhov and rakdos. The second pair was azorious and boros. I’d have to say orzhov and boros were tough to fight. One of the matches I lost to was against a boros style deck. This guy had a terrible pull, but his mashed up boros style deck pulled him to 5-1. So my thoughts really on my losses are more of a matter of making sound judgement during the deck building process and some of my misplays. Did have a couple of bad rounds with not pulling the right mana, but then again I would have to say a quarter of that was probably just due to mistake during my deck building session.

    Don’t know if you have been to this site before, but they have some pretty cool articles.

    I’m sure you know already most of what they say. I know I did, but the video did make me think about my own thought process about how I go working on sealed.

    Hmm… This commentary makes me want to get my poor magic blog up and running now that I’m able to become more active in magic again.

    • Yeah. I realize I only played one pool, but I guess I’m looking at it from the point of a new player who is probably only looking to play one pool. They are probably coming from Duels or coming with their friends and if I got a pool of cards where the goal was to use this guild, and I got none of the newer cards in that guild, I probably wouldn’t want to come back or keep playing.

      • I do concur with you on the disappointment from a new player’s view point, but I feel that magic is one of those games you either learn to grow with it or you just kind of move on to other things. I know when I had gotten back into the game from the zendikar set it was rather frustrating always having my butt kicked every fnm or just casual friend matches. I’ve also had friends that just didn’t take very well to disappointing events like you encountered and they quit eventually. So it kind of really just boils down to the individuals love for the game. It can be a tough choice, but I do believe if you really like something you’ll stick it out even if you do have sucky moments like the one you are talking about.

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