Home and Resting

Surgery went well.  I have a follow up appointment next week and we will see how it is healing, but as long as the initial surgery went good we should be solid.  I’m very tired and in a bit of pain, but I think I’ll be okay after a lot of rest and relaxation.

I did make it to Free Comic Book day today for a little while. Picked up some stuff to keep me occupied until I’m off of bed rest and back on my feet. I’m doing some brewing with hun and we are working on sorting and organizing when I’m actually coherent, which is important. It has needed to be done for a while now and actually having a moment to get it done will be quite liberating.

Final paper for the most grueling course so far goes in tomorrow. Let’s hope that I haven’t messed up the final parts during the stress and medicated stupor.  I’ve worked hard on it, but it doesn’t feel like it really goes anywhere. It is kind of disappointing. But I suppose that happens when you are doing only half of the work ultimately.  The teacher cut out whole sections since it is only an 8 week course, but those sections to me feel like what we should have concentrated on. Oh well, time for the next one, which will be Business Continuity starting in a few weeks.

My article on MTG BroDeals, ‘Romantically Stacked’, is up and I would love some feedback! Tell me if you guys like the format and idea behind the ‘column’ so to speak and recommend topics that you want to hear from the community!

I promise to have more upcoming…but the past week has been nuts. And now I’m going to go back to my medication…


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