The Shake Down

There have been a lot of changes recently within the Magic community.  Most of them having to do with the Rules Changes coming with M14. Which I don’t think I can classify as all bad.

Mostly because of the legendary rule.  While I understand the Vorthos side of things where not more then one legend should be around at once, I was also the awful person who took advantage of that rule to use my Garruk as removal for your Garruk.  Now that two Garruks can exist at once I just rationalize it as they have come from different points in time and planes and are appealing to two totally different Planeswalkers. But that is just me.

The legendary rule changing, though, I think will be interesting for all of the formats and change how the game is played.  I feel that during these huge rule shake ups, we get a new shake down of players that have had the potential to be great, but with the establishment coming down have really been able to shine. It will provide some absolutely absurd things that those players with quick wit will find a way around.

The sideboard rule change is something else that I don’t see as bad. In fact I quite often wish I could just add this extra card to my deck without having to remove things. It will ultimately reduce the amount of time you have to sit there and make sure your cards are right and also reduce the amount od penalties given by judges. It will be more welcoming to new players who will be more able to adapt their way through a game at a pace that is good for them and take 15 minutes to figure out if they take out two of this does their combo that they are so proud of still work?

The Land rule I don’t think applies to most of us. I for one was gone when Exploration was around and as I’m not quite up to snuff on my old cards like some people, it it is something that I’m not super concerned with.  I think this will affect a very small group of people in mostly the eternal formats.

So yeah, some good stuff, and things I think will overall improve game play and bring some refreshing changes to the game.  Rules can change, so if something isn’t working out, maybe they will change it around a bit and make it fit the game a bit better.


3 responses to “The Shake Down

  1. This got me thinking. If people start playing more planeswalkers because they don’t have to worry about the rule anymore, do you think this will also mean that cards like Dreadbore will go up in value too?

    • I’m thinking you are correct. There are going to need to be cheaper ways in the game to take out Jace TMS besides using Baby Jace. Dreadbore certainly fills that slot. I think we are going to see a huge shift in how the game is played since people will actually use some sort of removal rather than Clone.

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