I’ve had the Vita since launch, but only recently has it really come into its own.  Between the PS4 coming out and opening the door to crossplay and a lot more games being pushed to it, it really has started to blip on the radars of gamers everywhere.

I have loved the Vita because it did everything I wanted it to do plus a bit more.  I could through music on it, connect with PSN friends even when away or traveling, and having an awesome touch screen really helped.  For that first year, though, the games were a bit lacking.  We had Katamari, Ragnarok, P4: Golden, and Gravity Rush eventually.  These were all awesome and kept me occupied, but were either finished to early or never really had an end point.

Trevor got me Tearaway for Christmas since it was something I had been raving about for a few months now.  I put it in my Vita immediately and started to play and quite simply wondered where this game was at launch.  It was perfect for the little system.  It used all the features for combat or puzzles and really immersed you in the game. Like literally put you in there.  ‘You’ are the sun.  Every time you see the sun, you see your face in the middle of it.

The way that this is used to craft a story is so friendly and welcoming it is brilliant.  It reminds you very much of the narration in Little Big Planet, but with a wider range and more depth.  Being able to customize your character, called Atoi for the female version or Iota for the male, is fun and something you can waste hours doing.  Customizing the environment is equally engrossing.  

I’m about 5 hours into the game and while it is a big improvement over Little Big Planet, it still has issues with occasionally weird directions.  I come to this section where there is a log blocking Atoi’s path.  Under the log are the symbols for poking the rear touch pad in order to break through and move things.  I try getting through to move the log.  I try lifting the log.  The instruction on what to do with these symbols keeps appearing, but no farther assistance to do with the log.  I continue to fiddle with it for 30 minutes before I get my fingers in just the right spot where it lifts the log.  So then I try tossing it aside and it just falls back down.  I spend another 10 minutes trying to get that spot again, finally do and then figure I need to finagle Atoi with the joystick to walk under the log while I’m still holding it up vita the rear touchpad.

I’m in my 20s and my coordination was just not liking this.  I can’t imagine giving it to a kid.  Then again, maybe kid hands would be better on the touch screen.

Overall, the game is great.  It really shows off all the Vita’s capabilities while being creative and colorful.  There are a few glitches and finicky items, but with some patience you can get through it.  It is worth a pick up with your gift cards from family who didn’t know what to get you or picking up for yourself as an after holiday’s gift.


OMG Extra Life 2012!

I hit my goal for Extra Life 2012!  I have raised a solid $100 for the Children’s Miracle Network, Children’s National Medical Center.  Now to just game for 24 hour.


Psh, whatever!


I will be starting this Friday during FNM, going home and sleeping for a bit and then getting it going again in the morning.  I will be doing lots of different things through out the day.  If you want to get my name for League of Legends, Cockatrice, or PSN.  I’m looking for people to play with throughout the day 😀


I do have some school work to do, but I have every intention on having that done today and tomorrow.  Whatever I don’t get done Saturday due to falling asleep at the controller, board, keyboard, whatever, will be finished up Sunday.  I will probably provide an hour by hour update of things here in a live blog like entry.


Anyway, I would love for you to get involved in this by playing games with me or continuing to donate to either me or other players!  We have raised quite a bit of money for a great cause and I know a lot of kids will benefit from us playing games.  How great is that?

Disgea 3

Woo-hoo!  I beat where I was on the PS3 version!  Having portable Disgea is a dangerous thing…

I only wish my Cu Sith would level up faster T_T

I’ll have more thoughts later…in the process of cleaning right now.

So back to this…

I have actually gotten farther than http://darkr3x.wordpress.com/  has in Disgea 3 as well.  Have the Cu Sith leveled up a bit as well as some pretty bad ass mages.  I really enjoy tactics games on a portable consul as opposed to their wired based brethren.  Particularly things like the DS or Vita where I can just put it into suspend mid way through the game.  It is because of this that I get farther in them then I do on consules.  Mind you, I do enjoy RPGs more on the big screen, but even that may change with more items possibly getting cross play with the Vita.  I would really love to be able to do the small things( talking to people, inventory, etc.) while I’m out on the go with my Vita and play the game and battles when at home with my PS3.  There are rumors that the new Phantasy Star will do this kind of thing, which I am super excited about.

Anyway, back to playing games.  More insight later this week probably.