The Shake Down

There have been a lot of changes recently within the Magic community.  Most of them having to do with the Rules Changes coming with M14. Which I don’t think I can classify as all bad.

Mostly because of the legendary rule.  While I understand the Vorthos side of things where not more then one legend should be around at once, I was also the awful person who took advantage of that rule to use my Garruk as removal for your Garruk.  Now that two Garruks can exist at once I just rationalize it as they have come from different points in time and planes and are appealing to two totally different Planeswalkers. But that is just me.

The legendary rule changing, though, I think will be interesting for all of the formats and change how the game is played.  I feel that during these huge rule shake ups, we get a new shake down of players that have had the potential to be great, but with the establishment coming down have really been able to shine. It will provide some absolutely absurd things that those players with quick wit will find a way around.

The sideboard rule change is something else that I don’t see as bad. In fact I quite often wish I could just add this extra card to my deck without having to remove things. It will ultimately reduce the amount of time you have to sit there and make sure your cards are right and also reduce the amount od penalties given by judges. It will be more welcoming to new players who will be more able to adapt their way through a game at a pace that is good for them and take 15 minutes to figure out if they take out two of this does their combo that they are so proud of still work?

The Land rule I don’t think applies to most of us. I for one was gone when Exploration was around and as I’m not quite up to snuff on my old cards like some people, it it is something that I’m not super concerned with.  I think this will affect a very small group of people in mostly the eternal formats.

So yeah, some good stuff, and things I think will overall improve game play and bring some refreshing changes to the game.  Rules can change, so if something isn’t working out, maybe they will change it around a bit and make it fit the game a bit better.


Brewing Some crazy

So Trevor and I have been tossing back ideas on a deck and we have a v1.0 ready. It is interesting because it is once again an Aggro Control type but it is three colors rather than my normal two.

We are calling it Angry Golgari.

Now you ask why we are calling it that. It is simple. We splashed red for no creatures we actually want on the field. Just things to act as a distraction and rile up an opponent.  Just about everything in there that gets used is B/G, but the red is in there for a twist.  Hopefully you will see why in the decklist!



-4 Slumbering Dragon

-4 Vexing Devils

-3 Lotleth Troll

-4 Strangleroot Geist

-4 Dreg Mangler

3 Varolz, the Scar-Striped

3 Falkenrath Aristocrat


2 Golgari Charm

3 Grisly Salvage

3 Abrupt Decay

3 Putrefy


-1 Forest

-1 Mountain

4 Overgrown Tomb

4 Blood Crypt

4 Stomping Ground

4 Woodland Cemetary

4 Rootbound Crag

2 Dragonskull Summit

So if you did figure it out the plan here is to use those one drop creatures mostly as cannon fodder.  If I have to play a Slumbering Dragon, it isn’t the worst thing in the world because who wants to swing in and make a huge dragon for me if they aren’t going to kill me?  Also, I can just eat it for the Aristocrat, then scavenge the 1 red for 3 more counters to put on either her or one of my other guys.

Not a bad plan in theory. It wasn’t too bad in practice last night either, although I didn’t do much.  I decided to draft since so much of the deck right now is proxied out. In between matches though, I played a bit against people in the Constructed FNM and didn’t have a bad time, although I rarely got to finish a game before time was called.  there tends to be a lot of talking when you don’t show up at FNM for a while.

I still need to do more testing and tweaking, so this is definitely a v1.0. Also trying to figure out my best sideboard options.  I have a pile of cards in my head, but since we just finished narrowing down the Mainboard yesterday I didn’t have the time to get the rest straight.

If you want to test it out, feel free too and just let me know how it goes, what worked and what didn’t!  If you have a suggestion leave it here too, or contact me on twitter!



Not really a tournament report as much as a personal reflection and diary of the day. To late for a full on report, things have changed a lot since then!

I was really excited for the WMCQ in Washington, DC. Not because I had really expected to do well or I was attempting to prove any kind of point, but because it was a nearby event that I could go to and be comfortable at within my surroundings.

I had been to this convention center before since it is also where the SCG DC Open was and had been in the area a lot either going to visit places or for work type stuff.  It was a pretty relaxing thing for me.  Kinda felt like I was part of the home team.  I really enjoy going to play at places where I have already been or know something of. Philly is another comfortable location, as will Richmond be in a few months.  Can’t beat playing in the building that you graduated college from, right?

But anyway, the day started out much earlier than Trevor or I planned.  A friend from our play group messaged us at 6:30 am asking if we could lend him cash to get in since he didn’t have an ATM card. Fine, but since I’m up this early I’m making tea first. Which was perhaps the best decision in the world.

We go pick up our friend and rather than Metro in we decided to drive.  Metro is normally an awesome option unless it is 4-20, Earth Day, and they are single tracking or closing tracks all over the place and making it difficult to get around.  Plus there is $15 parking a few blocks away from the venue that isn’t all that bad. And on the way back I could hit my favorite restaurant!

So we get to the convention center and it is kind of a mess thanks to AwesomeCon also going on in the same building. So you have this mass of nerds kind of just all over the place with some really poor directions. We figured out which room the WMCQ was in and made sure our Pre-registers went though and sat down at what was a pretty empty table. Trevor had printed out our deck lists before hand, but of course, mine go left behind so I had to fill one out real quick.  Oh well, I guess at least it wasn’t both that I had to do.

The room filled up quickly and we started off the day with nearly 400 players.  It was yet another day of an SCG event being split into two rooms causing confusion for many players.  In fact, I think it is a good thing that they had so many other events happening at the same time because there were enough drops after round 1 to get at least all the WMCQ players in one room.

The most important thing I learned about today is the fact that I am not a bad player. I know what calls to make when when I know the decks I’m playing against. The issue is that my playgroup likes to play a lot of the same archetypes.  So for the weeks leading up to the WMCQ I was testing over and over against the various Aggro decks.  Against those decks, I just kicked face.  However, going up against something like G/W tokens or Planeswalker Superfriends, I just wasn’t sure of the reactions I needed to have.

Many people are telling me the solution to this is to get on MTGO, which I might start doing as soon as I have the income for both paper and online Magic. But until then I don’t really have a desire to try and balance both and feel as though I losing something to gain one other thing.  Not to mention time to play both online and in person and do school work and actually work is limited. Some people would say I’m not dedicated, but I would say balancing just three out of those four things and doing pretty well at all of them shows more dedication to life overall than just one item.

Anyway, my Golgari deck is getting put back together, maybe made into a light Jund deck and I will keep you updated on that. Hoping to have that ready for GameDay. I am going to continue keeping the Bant Control/Prime Speaker deck in order and updating it as I go.  I have cards I need to pick up over the next week or so, but I have been working on trading for more of them as opposed just buying them.

I think that is all I have for now. I’ll get a decklist for you guys as things become more solidified and tested.


Home and Resting

Surgery went well.  I have a follow up appointment next week and we will see how it is healing, but as long as the initial surgery went good we should be solid.  I’m very tired and in a bit of pain, but I think I’ll be okay after a lot of rest and relaxation.

I did make it to Free Comic Book day today for a little while. Picked up some stuff to keep me occupied until I’m off of bed rest and back on my feet. I’m doing some brewing with hun and we are working on sorting and organizing when I’m actually coherent, which is important. It has needed to be done for a while now and actually having a moment to get it done will be quite liberating.

Final paper for the most grueling course so far goes in tomorrow. Let’s hope that I haven’t messed up the final parts during the stress and medicated stupor.  I’ve worked hard on it, but it doesn’t feel like it really goes anywhere. It is kind of disappointing. But I suppose that happens when you are doing only half of the work ultimately.  The teacher cut out whole sections since it is only an 8 week course, but those sections to me feel like what we should have concentrated on. Oh well, time for the next one, which will be Business Continuity starting in a few weeks.

My article on MTG BroDeals, ‘Romantically Stacked’, is up and I would love some feedback! Tell me if you guys like the format and idea behind the ‘column’ so to speak and recommend topics that you want to hear from the community!

I promise to have more upcoming…but the past week has been nuts. And now I’m going to go back to my medication…

Pre-release and why I was kinda sad.

I of course picked Golgari for the one event I got to go to.  I was super excited at first because I figured between the Golgari pack and my allied guild pack (Dimir) I would have some options and then with 4 Dragon’s Maze packs I would get some decent options.

I didn’t.  I didn’t get anything it felt like. Some soft removal in the way of enchantments, but nothing really good.  My pool basically did just consist of the Gatecrash and Return to Ravnica packs, I think I used maybe 5 cards not including lands, from Dragon’s Maze.  The rest of it was not in my colors nor did I have the fixing for it.  It did not result in a fun time.

Afterwards I was talking with Trevor and I think overall I just wished that along with the two guild packs from the two earlier sets, there had been a pack of Dragon’s Maze dedicated to the two guilds.  Somehow split the cards and give us an ‘Alliance’ pack so to speak.  Something that actually gave us cards from the set in the colors we wanted to play so we could see them.  I don’t care how the mishmash of cards happen in that pack, but to have something like that would have been helpful.

But, enough of about me. How was your pre-release? What guilds did you play? Any stand out cards you stumbled into? Reply here or on twitter: @mtgreiunicorn

Finals and Surgery

So i’m down to the wire with this course. It is the first one I have really had to work at in order to keep my 4.0…I’m right now sitting between a 92 and 93, so I should be good as long as I keep my solid track record, but it requires a lot of work.

I”m also getting surgery on May 3rd, so I have been running around trying to get things prepped for that.  Always nice when you find out one week, need to get the pre-op stuff done the following week, and then surgery the next week.  Been crazy that is for.

ON top of that, been writing for MTG Bro Deals, trying to get them something about bi-weekly.  The format I really like is actually kind of interviewing the whole community rather than the ‘pros’ or the people who are most seen.  So please follow me on Twitter @mtgreiunicorn  to take part in conversations or tell me if you would want to see the questions here!

Other than that, looking at the Dragon’s Maze set and I”m not sure if I’m going to do another Commons to look for in Standard play list this time…all the cards are Multi-colored!  I guess I could do it by guild if you guys are really interested, but as of right now I’m not even all that excited about the set.

Due to work and surgery I don’t even get to really take part in pre-release stuff or release stuff.  Hopefully I can do a gameday, but we will see how I feel by then.

I guess I still need to get you guys WMCQ DC stuff too…*headdesk* so much stuff.