Silver I

I decided over my winter break to get back to League a bit and try to do some ranked games.  That turned into a 10 game marathon to see where I fall.  I wound up in Silver I when all was said and done.  Pretty good for a rusty old fart like myself.

I realized a few things while playing that needed to be corrected immediately.

A)Bots had made me lazy.  I played Bot games to the point of knowing their exact patterns.  I forgot how unpredictable humans are.

B)The new items had me thrown for a loop.  Where the fuck was my Reverie? What was I doing with free wards? Why did no one ward still if they gave you free ones?

C)I needed a wider champion base.

So while not the best choice, I’ve gone back to playing PVP Normals for a bit.  Save up IP for new champions(I’ve gotten Quinn and Rengar so far), learn these new masteries and items(such memorization is more Trevor’s thing), and realize that people are not computer code that goes a certain way.  So, please come play with me if you have a chance!


I played a game last night…

And it was fun despite losing.  Sure we lost against bots, but we had fun doing it.  We had the derpiest Nocturne who didn’t buy boots until 20 minutes in, only remembering them after he was like “These slows are affecting me more then normal” and I was like, “Boots will help with that.”

Oh yeeeaahhh.

Then I accidentally took a blue from our Anivia and was like NOOOO…so I purposively died…To Nunu bot. Then Anivia couldn’t kill him to get it.

Plus all the purple!  Lulu, Varus, and Alistar Bot!  There was lots of purple tasting for Lulu XD  The bots almost had us once then an inhib respawned.  The bots got confused and keps trying to attack our nexus while we were all dead resulting in many lawls.

Then we pushed liked bawses.  Then I tanked a turret from mid health.  And almost got another one. Then it was over.

But everyone had fun.  No one raged.  No one moaned and bitched that we were being awful or you should be buying that item or have these runes rather than those.  It was what I wish more games were like, honestly.