Silver I

I decided over my winter break to get back to League a bit and try to do some ranked games.  That turned into a 10 game marathon to see where I fall.  I wound up in Silver I when all was said and done.  Pretty good for a rusty old fart like myself.

I realized a few things while playing that needed to be corrected immediately.

A)Bots had made me lazy.  I played Bot games to the point of knowing their exact patterns.  I forgot how unpredictable humans are.

B)The new items had me thrown for a loop.  Where the fuck was my Reverie? What was I doing with free wards? Why did no one ward still if they gave you free ones?

C)I needed a wider champion base.

So while not the best choice, I’ve gone back to playing PVP Normals for a bit.  Save up IP for new champions(I’ve gotten Quinn and Rengar so far), learn these new masteries and items(such memorization is more Trevor’s thing), and realize that people are not computer code that goes a certain way.  So, please come play with me if you have a chance!


Hey look! It’s insta-lock Nidalee week!

Now before I’m called mean and cruel, I’m more than willing to let others play Nidalee.  If they aren’t going to be stupid.

I think I can say that I lost a game last night due to one of these stupid people.  They had never touched Nidalee before, and we were in a PVP match.  They did not realize she had a heal, never laid traps, and ran from all team fights.  I decided to play Sona and be a good support, but when I’m running with a group of them chasing me, the least you could do is lay some traps or fire a spear.  Not go running in the extreme opposite direction.

Now what really peeved me off about this, was the fact that I tried to help this person.  I wanted to learn their reasoning.  I wanted to see why they thought what they were doing was right and why they weren’t staying in lane long enough to farm.  They never responded.  They never acknowledged the team until they started calling us noobs towards the end of the game.

So as per usual, one ruins it for the masses and I have sworn that this week shall be insta-lock Nidalee.  Give me a reason as to why you think I should let you have her or tell me you’ve at least played a bot game, and I may give in.  Nida’s on the other team beware, because I’ve gotten pretty good with that spear…

Anyone know when free Urgot week is so that I can do insta-lock Urgot instead? XD