When you are so close yet so far

Born of the Gods is about to come out and I’m probably not going to get to play much.  No luck on the job front so far between Trevor or I…at least not something we can rely on.

Worse than not being able to play Magic with my friends due to funds is knowing that I’m just one e-mail away from potentially being able to.  And greater than just being able to play, I would be able to mostly support Trevor with just my position and allow him to write while working side jobs and doing the things he loves.  As long as he could cover the student loan payments, I would be happy.

Yet, I sit here in limbo, stressing out over what to do, deciding on should we or shouldn’t we regarding moving in with my parents, driving myself further insane at work, and pushing him to get a job and probably put him back into previous depression.  There is no greater gift for me than to see him happy, and he is happiest when he is writing and working on projects with people and being ambitious.  Things that a job don’t allow you to do normally.

I will probably get to go to at least one event for BNG, so I will report back my thoughts.  Thank you for listening to me rant in the mean time.


Guest Writing and more wedding stuff!

Just so you all know I am guest writing over on Nurgleprobe’s blog now as well!  Currently there is only the Persona 4: Arena review up, but I plan on doing some stuff about the Charity Gaming event at Escapist Expo and probably some of the other Magic tournaments coming up in my area.  Like Philadelphia and Atlantic City.  Please tell me if you are going!  I would love to hear from you and get pictures!  Here is the Nurgleprobe blog!  Go give it a look!

In other news, Trevor and I had a wonderfully nerdy wedding that was short, simple, and sweet with close family and friends involved.  Our minions were fashionably late to the wedding, but that is okay cause we got a lot of other stuff out of the way before that. There was nearly no food left by the end…even though I don’t think I got to really eat any.  It was much hotter than we anticipated, but it was still nice anyway.

How adorable are they? I think they were the most popular thing at the wedding…

It really was an incredible day.  FOr all the stress and wanting to throttle people I did smile a lot, which is something that I haven’t seen often.  I think it is because that because rather then try and be something that we aren’t, both Trevor and I did this on our own terms and with our own quirks.  There were some weird happenings and some funny looks, but lots of laughs and smiles all around.

I walked down to my Star Wars music and people giggled.  There were a few who did not quite get the reference, but they just are not cool enough.  We did not get our Chocobo theme since we couldn’t get to the computer, but it was playing in my head.  That makes me happy.

Anyway, in case you wanted to know how geeky I went, or there is another nerd girl out there having problems figuring how to exactly write what your were feeling, I’d figured I’d include my vows for your enjoyment!

Trevor, with this ring, I do equip myself +1 soulmate, to have and to hold like the epic quest item needed until the end of game.  I know I can rely on you when I fail to pass my dexterity checks while replacing the screw on my motherboard or just to supply me with a one up when life is feeling down.  You are the medic to my fighter, the support to my attacker.  I can deal with you beating me at Tetris so long as I keep the higher ranking in everything else.  I’m making a note here: huge success; and I promise to continue to love you and be by your side until the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

We were incredibly happy 😀

More pictures will be popping up probably as I get them!

MTG: Red/Green Deck of Wolves! Pt. 1

I came to that realization of I am incredibly outdated in the world of Magic.  My last really successful deck was a Green/Black elves deck where I just created 1/1 elf tokens and gained health for all elf creatures on the field.  Which was just plane awesome!  Particularly those games where I just racked up the health to the 200 range.  Yeah…


Alas, though, it is no longer standard.  I shall not abandoned my first really lovely deck, but I can’t just whip it out all the time either.  So I’ve started to look at some cool alternatives  and right now I have a white/blue deck going on that revolves around flying and exalted.  It is pretty awesome.  A fun set of mechanics to work with, but I’ll cover that elsewhere.


Now I have always had a love of canines.  I went digging in what is considered standard currently and found a bunch of wolves that hang out all together and have this undying thing.  Neat.  So I started to mess around a bit with them.  Then I found a bunch of green and red enchantments that add +1 to at least attack and was like OMG please yes pile drive deck!  I also have a few of the Werewolves that switch back and forth, which is neat, cause you either deal with the werewolf side or you get rid of a bunch of spells to switch it back to human.


So I’ll be working on that over the next week or so that way I have two standard decks I can play with at Escapist Expo.  If anyone has card recommendations or strategies, please offer them up as I go!  I’ll probably give another update at the end of the weekend.  I’m also looking for something to match with black in the current set, so I can have a third deck, so if you have any builds you wanna toss to me or cards to offer up, I am more then willing!  Then I’ll start looking at EDH/Commander when I get back.


Until then thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for the card list!

Magic: The Gathering

So beyond playing video games, I also play Magic: the Gathering.  Well, okay hold on, I used to play super hard core, but then stopped when I moved away from an area that had anyone else who really played.  Then picked it up again in college.  Then stopped towards the end when life got crazy.

Then at the behest of my soon to be husband we picked it back up again.  We figured we would go to the local shop, I’d watch, maybe play casually, see what the new core set was about.

We wound up in a competition.  My first time playing magic in nearly 2 years and I’m in a competition.  Thankfully I got paired with a very nice guy who was patient with me as I got reacquainted with cards I had never been acquainted with before to begin it.  However, for it being a sealed competition where I was given a pile and told to make a deck, I did pretty well.  I kept alive for longer then most expected in our games, despite being knocked out in the first round.  He even then sat down with me and explained some of the new mechanics and  helped switch out some cards.

And perhaps more importantly I caught the bug all over again.  So I plan on refining my white/blue deck a bit and going to Friday Night Magic so that when it comes time to go to Escapist Expo I’m not bored as hun schmoozes.  Oh, and the elves…they will be coming for you if I’m allowed to bring out some old stuff 😀