Been Isolated

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up.  Honestly, I’ve been a bit isolated.  Some of it is self-imposed other parts are more dependent on things going on.

I had another massive surgery on my foot, so I haven’t fully walked in over two months.  Even before that walking was painful and exasperating due to the pain and swelling.  I hate being the weak link so I stopped going to as many events and being as social.  Then at the end of November, Trevor lost his job, so I’ve been determined not to go anywhere and spend money.  It is also one of those times where I’m not sure if life is going to be uprooted or not, due to his job loss and possible job prospects, so I just start to cut ties with people…not talking, not showing interest, not caring.

It probably isn’t good for me.

Most of my MTG experiences have been on DoTP and a little bit of MTGO/MODO…which was awful. Hopefully when it comes back it won’t be so bad.  I went to GPDC and did side events and saw people I normally wouldn’t, but did not play in the main event as I did not have a Legacy deck. The events I did play in I did well, but never quite made it to first.  Didn’t expect much considering how long it had been since I had held cards in my hand.

I’ll probably be at an IQ this weekend since it is relatively close and free.  Trevor and I both have cards to play with, so we had may as well.

I’ve been playing quite a bit of League as well, trying to get better in the jungle and top lanes since those were my weakest positions previously.  Until I have a multitude of champions that I can play in all positions down pat, I don’t think I will do much in the ranked system.  That and school which I have to do nearly 5 nights a week…

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be more interactive here in the future.  Might use this as an outlet for a bit.  Might post some fiction type items.  Probably do some tournament type reports.  Probably get some PS4 game reviews up…maybe even some for Vita…or go back and do more comic book reviews… I don’t know.  Tell me what you want to see


A tough lessoned learned in Metagame monitoring

During FNM I decided to test a new deck that I had built on my own.  It was UWR Mid-Range.  I didn’t really look at other decks while building this and just kinda went with some mechanics I wanted to play with.  Which was flying and control.  The original build had Geist of Saint Traft included, but at $30 a piece, I felt that was ridiculous and made some last minute adjustments to the deck.

It did not preform as well as I hoped it would.  I was rather upset with it really.  But I figured I had learned a lot going up against the Esper Token deck, and Selesnya deck, and the one match I won which was super all over the place.  I made some adjustments and looked forward to the Charleston GPQ on Sunday.

Little did I realize that in my lack of research, just about everyone was running some sort of midrange deck.  Most of which included some form of UWR control or a Thragtusk variation.  The only win I had was a bye.  I wasn’t pulling the creatures I’m used to pulling in one of my Aggro decks and despite me starting off well I was constantly bested because I didn’t have 4 Geists(traded for 2, so it was a slight improvement on my deck) or 4 Restoration Angels.  Or even more depressing, I took out all the Thragtusks, and then would have them Supreme Verdict my Thundermaw Hellkite.

So I’m not sure what my plan is for December.  I may make some updates to my B/G exalted deck that seems to never let me down.  I’m still kind of emotionally recovering from Sunday, but I know I’ll be okay.  I have lots of opportunities to look forward to and lots of other things to keep me busy.

Other than that, not sure how much else you’ll hear from me this week.  I have a mid-term, a paper, plus the normal work due.  Not to mention my best friend got engaged so I will be busy keeping her sane as she starts the crazy planning process.  I hope everyone is doing well and would love to hear anything you did over the weekend!

Magic: The Gathering

So beyond playing video games, I also play Magic: the Gathering.  Well, okay hold on, I used to play super hard core, but then stopped when I moved away from an area that had anyone else who really played.  Then picked it up again in college.  Then stopped towards the end when life got crazy.

Then at the behest of my soon to be husband we picked it back up again.  We figured we would go to the local shop, I’d watch, maybe play casually, see what the new core set was about.

We wound up in a competition.  My first time playing magic in nearly 2 years and I’m in a competition.  Thankfully I got paired with a very nice guy who was patient with me as I got reacquainted with cards I had never been acquainted with before to begin it.  However, for it being a sealed competition where I was given a pile and told to make a deck, I did pretty well.  I kept alive for longer then most expected in our games, despite being knocked out in the first round.  He even then sat down with me and explained some of the new mechanics and  helped switch out some cards.

And perhaps more importantly I caught the bug all over again.  So I plan on refining my white/blue deck a bit and going to Friday Night Magic so that when it comes time to go to Escapist Expo I’m not bored as hun schmoozes.  Oh, and the elves…they will be coming for you if I’m allowed to bring out some old stuff 😀