FNM BUG Mid-Range

For the past couple of weeks I had been trying to play the Golgari Aggro decks that had been appearing place, but not having much luck with them.  So this week, with more time off to look at lists and really get an idea of what I wanted to play in this format, I finally decided to give BUG Mid-Range a go.

I used Jeff Hoogland’s List, which you can go see easily and read about his path to getting to the list, for FNM for a few reasons.  My store has a lot of aggro players or Esper Control players.  This deck gave me the ability to switch gears in order to handle one over the other a little bit better.  I wasn’t going to be getting rid of any Erebos or Thassa, but I would make it a lot harder for them to turn on.  Another reason is that I had all the pieces available to me.  I was missing one Hero’s Downfall, but that was easily replaced by a Putrey with the added benefit of killing multiple Spears that way.

Round one was against a Boros Devotion deck that leaned to the Red side.  I got in there with a Nightvale Specter and wound up exiling a Mountain and a Stormbreath Dragon.  I had a Cartyiad on the board, so I could have played the Stormbreath Dragon at any point with that, but for whatever reason that did not click.  Instead, Prognostic Sphinx got there  as I chipped away at his wall of Boros Reckoners and Ash Zealots.  For the second game I sided in Doom Blade and Ultimate Price for the Putrefy and one Downfall so that I had cheaper removal.  I also brought in the extra Golgari Charm in order to have some Regen power.  I won the next game and the round pretty quickly.

Round two was just straight Red Devotion, however he couldn’t seem to get it going.  I used a similar sideboard plan and killed a lot of his creatures by Monstering Polukranos.  He won the second game when I kept a bad hand, but I was able to fuse Far/Away by using Ashiok’s abilities.  Using the -2 to grab a previously exiled Burning Tree Emissary and then doing the rest was just very satisfying for some reason.  Otherwise, it was Polukranos in this game that just trampled over with some aid of a Sphinx.  Jace was also important in these games because it made a lot of his guys ineffective attackers unless they were unleashed, which then prevented him from chump blocking in many cases.

Round three was against someone who normally played Esper Control so I was pretty sure that is what I would be going up against.  Then suddenly, there was a pile of white weenies on the board.  Good thing I had a handful of Golgari Charms to deal with the Solider of the Pantheon, Daring Skyjek, and Imposing Sovereign.  Once I stabilized we were golden, it was just the initial issue with Solider gaining him life.  I brought in the same number of removal, plus the Ratchet Bombs to take care of the Solider’s.  I took out two Ashiok’s since I wouldn’t be able to cast anything from his deck and Nightvale was doing his job fine.  Game two was much of the same, but with the Ratchet bomb I not only used Golgari charm as a board wipe, but had a back up on board that made him hesitant to play other items. Jace was also important in this match up since It allowed me to dig for the cards I needed, like Charms, Ultimate Price, and Nightvale Spector.

It was nice to go 3-0 again, something I haven’t done since rotation.  I seemed to have finally found my groove in this format, just in time for it to change.  One thing I would want to change in this deck is having a Vraska in the sideboard, although I’m not sure where yet.  At least for my stores meta, she is very good and people often don’t expect her either.  I had a lot of fun and go to use cards that are definitely underestimated in my opinion.


MTG: Red/Green Deck of Wolves! Pt. 1

I came to that realization of I am incredibly outdated in the world of Magic.  My last really successful deck was a Green/Black elves deck where I just created 1/1 elf tokens and gained health for all elf creatures on the field.  Which was just plane awesome!  Particularly those games where I just racked up the health to the 200 range.  Yeah…


Alas, though, it is no longer standard.  I shall not abandoned my first really lovely deck, but I can’t just whip it out all the time either.  So I’ve started to look at some cool alternatives  and right now I have a white/blue deck going on that revolves around flying and exalted.  It is pretty awesome.  A fun set of mechanics to work with, but I’ll cover that elsewhere.


Now I have always had a love of canines.  I went digging in what is considered standard currently and found a bunch of wolves that hang out all together and have this undying thing.  Neat.  So I started to mess around a bit with them.  Then I found a bunch of green and red enchantments that add +1 to at least attack and was like OMG please yes pile drive deck!  I also have a few of the Werewolves that switch back and forth, which is neat, cause you either deal with the werewolf side or you get rid of a bunch of spells to switch it back to human.


So I’ll be working on that over the next week or so that way I have two standard decks I can play with at Escapist Expo.  If anyone has card recommendations or strategies, please offer them up as I go!  I’ll probably give another update at the end of the weekend.  I’m also looking for something to match with black in the current set, so I can have a third deck, so if you have any builds you wanna toss to me or cards to offer up, I am more then willing!  Then I’ll start looking at EDH/Commander when I get back.


Until then thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for the card list!